Thursday, December 3, 2009


baru je semangat nak redecorate/renovate blog aku
and laptop aku prob lak..
so, skrang dia (laptop aku) ada kat kedai
tgh direpair..
harap-harap dapat laa backup file-file yang banyak nk mamfus tu
i actually found some helpful ways to give this blog some new look
but the pictures are in my laptop
just have to wait..
my grandma came a few days ago with my uncle and and families
thats 4 generation for you
grandma-aunt-her daughter(my cousins)-nephews and niece
memang kelakar gila la kan bila diorang ni ada
and kakak(cousin) ask me to go to kl during the holidays
she'll take me to wherever i wanna go like the museum or somtin like that
and of course she'll bring along her chubby funny sons and daughter
its great idea
but i have plans coming soon
aunts house are kinda cool
a two story house with an attic
hardly goes in the attic though
but the library were marvelous
there tonnes of books there
and my favourites are R.L. Stine's
i actually started reading his book at aunt's
' The Ghost Writer '- the first of stine's book that i've read
is my english sucks?
i love english
but i never really study it properly-kat universiti x kira laa..-
i learn them from movies, books and games
so, kat sini aku jot down je ape yang aku rasa betul
baru teringat dictionary yg baru beli sem lepas dah lesap laa..
adoi..dalam bebanyak benda yg hilang
aku rasa hilang dictionary paling x best..
oh well, kene kumpul duit beli baru la jawabnya..


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