Saturday, January 31, 2009

its already over,..

i'll be goin back to campus 2morrow, wait, its today, its already 12.05 am,
havent fully packed my bags,
decided to bring my bike along,
it'll b easier to travel to n fro the campus since i dont stay in it, really tiring n waitin the bus is the worst way ever to kill time(its a waste of time really).
havent been cycling for a while,
its not a motorbike,
its the one that needs u to cycle to make it move,
i used to cycle a lot though i had licensed for the other type of bike(the one that pollutes),
its safer, 'relaxer', cozier for the ears(no prennngggg!!! sounds),more enjoying, healthier,
doesn't pollutes, n free(no licensed n fuel needed,juz a bit of lubricates),....
i win!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


should i?
i've already started,
well,here goes nottin...

this sem seems a lot more interestin than the sem b4,
i actually runs mcs(machines)!!
not like b4, thoeries after theories..
i prefer hands on!!
its more enjoying, to create or cast with your strength and skills, not brains and pencils,
...well, i dont mean no brain using at all, still need to figure the velocity n whatever of the mcs and safety measures,other than that r just marvellous!!!
and the tech drawings,havent done it about 10 months, have to admit,i'm getting a bit soft on that, physics r just as ussual, complicated and a bit streesin,
muet?? i've thought of taking it in the breaks but,..its more terrifyin than i've imagined...
talking? omG!

my Chinese New Year were hum drum,excepts the fun parts,i mean small fun parts...
usually(years ago),
there would be big dinners with my families(grams, aunts n uncles, sibs n hilarious cousins),,,,
of course the main events were breakfast,lunch n dinner!!no ordinary one!!
with doubles the menu n triple the the people..loads of fun n laughs n jokes n jokes.....

now,maybe once evry 3 month...(years ago, we had big diners like once evry month..somtimes twice)

too actives in co's(kokurikulum la), meetin evry nite!!!drives me crazy!!!n weary!!!

maybe i should?...
blehhhhhh......(tounges out)....


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