Tuesday, August 16, 2011


i applied for culinary arts - here is my story..
it was an ordinary day
like any other day
only that it was 13 ramadhan i believe ..
its nearly 5am n im awake
cook! i wanted to cook!
the next 10minutes were full of cooking
in my head that is
imaginations started to fill my sleepy brain
n there i was
white all out 
looking very chef-like
i was going to choose which hat i'll be wearing n decided not to wear one
i own a restaurant
n was cooking professionally all by myself
ketung!! ketang!!
as i hit the woks and pans with my shining spatula
the knock on the door got me out to reality
i stood up n went to the kitchen
sat down for sahur
when i was about to finish 
i decided to tell my decision n i hesitated
an announcement turned into a question
" is it ok if i apply for culinary?"
i kept my voice as minimum as possible so that it wouldnt leave the ktichen
the answers weren't as pleasing
though my second sis were ok with it
the others were not encouraging at all
i was mad n urghh..
washed my plates i went back to bed
later that day
i asked a friend about it
n after a few monologues 
i actually added cullinary to my choices.

Friday, August 12, 2011


bila manusia skeliling menjadi juri dan hakim
semuanya pesalah di mata mereka
segala bicara dianggap helah
segala bukti dianggap muslihat
tiada lagi guna berkata benar
kerana tiada yang percaya

tapi x mengapa
suatu hari
keadilah pasti tegak kembali
dgn aku di sisi

Sunday, August 7, 2011

wise men say..

there is a saying which goes like this
" Men always give up at the hardest part. If they just work harder, no one knows how high they'll get."

in every journey
every quest
every lil drop blood
spilled n splashed
for your dream
your goal
dont quit
never give up
with a lil patience
n a lil more hardwork
n u'll be there..
there were u wouldnt regret nottin
not an inch of your actions
not an ounce of your sweats
only God decides your destination.
no one else.


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