Thursday, February 24, 2011

adventure is out there..

i glanced at the my laptop
the net look so boring
i didnt knew what to google
or do with it
and so
i continued reading
a novel
i romantic comedy novel
with crimes and bolts
i have been reading it everyday
finishing a chapter a day due too heavy workloads
and datelines chasing
it have been quite a while since my last english novel
2 years i think
i never bought any novels actually
except graphic novels by zint n keith
the novel im reading is quite good
my sister left it in my room when she went back to university
the novel had a kinokuniya price tag at the back
it looked old
probably she got 'em with discounts
she left 2 novels on the dusty shelf
the other one sounded scary
so i left it untouched
and picked this one up
i've finished about 2/3 of the novel
and give it a rest for today
i wanted to go n pray and sleep
chasing datelines really are tiring
since no assignments need to be hand in tomorrow
i wish u all goodnight! sleep tight!
its not even 10 yet!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

aku teringat kamu ketika hujan..

jalan berkabus diredah lancar
hujan renyai yang mendinginkan
melewati jalan gelap dan licin
terasa sepi dan sayu
aku teringat kamu..

Friday, February 11, 2011


atau bahasa omputihnye 'newspaper'
mmg x asing lagi bg kita kan
generasi sekarang dah terlalu maju untuk membeli suratkhabar
sumenye google di internet sahaja
aku sendiri sudah agak lama tidak menyentuh suratkhabar
boleh dikatakan setiap hari kelas pkul 8
and by 7:30 surely kena depart dah
kalo tak
mesti x sempat
biasala student
mana rajinnya hendak bangun awal
malam-malam assgment
x assgment, movie..hehe
pagi plak
celik aje subuh trus
pastu sambung berdengkur
7:15, kelam kabut
iron baju
berebut bilik air
berebut cermin(nk style rambut)
kedai jauh

dompet plak ringan je
mmg tak beli la kan


i really miss reading them
aku selalu juga beli suratkhabar
dlm pkul 10-time break
aku akan singgah bookstore walaupun xde mende nak dibeli
bookstore ada aircond!
dan hotspot bagi membe2 yg trut serta menumpang
juga sebab
boleh beli kosmo dengan 30% diskaun
harga dlm ipt
so 70sen, murah!
kalau ada duit lebih, aku beli juga NST atau The Star
most guys would probably read from the back kan
but i would go for the comics first
then what will be on tv-though xde tv kat umah sewa
and then the rest of the newspaper
it is also an effective weapon against cockroaches
the house we rent that semester had a lot of cockroaches
but the number decreases since we were killing about 2-3 roaches a day
a month later
roach killed in a week : 1
and i won the title for most roaches killed with folded newspaper!

dont read if u're not 18..

will u not read it??
i dont care if u DO READ!
of course there's somtin in your mind
that keeps asking
"why in the world are we(the under 18) are forbidden to read this post?"
a conspiracy that only the so-called adults knows what it is.
somtin that no 17 or 16 years old can know about it
what is this secret?

first of all
for the 18 n above
u're not missing anything
we've 'been there n done that'
and for the under 18
listen carefully
ur just not legal to do the things we above 18 can do
its just a simple law
to keep those slow people out there to get a grip of whats going on
with the world
before they turn 18
their brains are matured enough
to comprehend and accept
how the world works
and how life is not all happy and colourful
sorry to spoil the fun
in some point of life
they just do
u'll learn it
either the easy way
or the hard stressing way
what ever barge in your life
never give up
never abandon hope
carve a smile
a keep on fighting!

and just enjoy your life before 18!
i said ENJOY!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

i exploded..

first of all
sorry bella
i exploded at your birthday party
n left without a word
i was boiling mad
n was afraid that i'd do somtin stupid
n so
i left
happy b'lated birthday bella!

why did i explode?
somebody just crossed the line
n it was no ordinary line
it was the line!
my patience limit!
most of u guys never saw me went mad
i mean
really really mad
some of u had did many things to me
hurt me physically n mentally
but i ignore it
i dont have the heart to do the same to you
who i call friends
friends who i meet everyday
who i ask for help
who i seek for sympathy
who i look up to
who were there to laugh on my jokes
who were to hang out with me
who were there to eat with me
who were there when anyone else wasnt
i just cant
u overdid it
so just go n die..

i walked away with anger
i walked away coz i dont want to hurt anyone
i walked away to find peace for myself
i walked away cursing
i walked away dissapointed..

days had passed
now we r laughing together again..
tell me
how u do it
u acted like nottin happened
even after the party
u came talking like it was nottin
u r one of a kind
was i too kind
or ur just @#$%^ ?><*&
u bastard!
no apologies
not even i regret face
i really really wanna punch that $%^& face of yours


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