Sunday, June 19, 2011

let me tell u somtin

years ago
i once said
i had no regret in life
i regretted nottin till that very day
and now i realize that how foolish those words are
how naive i was..

but then again
i never regret saying it
coz of her..

Monday, June 6, 2011

the kitchen n i..

it was past 5
i was hungry and a lil tired
" Is mom home?" i asked
" Nope, she'll only be leaving granny's house tonight." dad replied.
i thought she already took the bus in the morning
and so i head to the kitchen to look for food
as usual
the foods are freezing in the grey refrigerator
i took what can be heated
and what to be thrown away
made an egg sandwich
and in the kitchen i stay
finishing what i cooked
i miss mom
i miss her ordering me to do this n that
and so
i cleared the table
n cleared the sink
swept a bit
the kitchen held me prisoner till 6
then i went back to my room to change my clothes
suddenly i remembered the clothes that had not been hung
mom was too sleepy and said to me the other night " I'll hang 'em up tomorrow.Too sleepy."
and forgot all about it since she was packing to granny's house for some family matters
i too would have gone with her
but i have my own things that needs to be settle
though she was far away
she texted me
not to forget to lock the gates and doors
everytin is done
though it feels a lot better to do all those chores without being ask to
i really miss her coming to my room
giving some long briefing for such simple tasks
see u tomorrow mom..


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