Tuesday, February 14, 2012

people change..

hi u. i am fine, thanks for wondering, if u did. if u didnt, then its okay.
i learned one fact about human, about people. one fact that is so obvious that i needed years to fully grasp it. PEOPLE CHANGE. the only thing that is constant about human, us, is that we are constantly changing. we grew older each day, we got taller or smaller, thinner or wider, prettier or simply handsomer. guys get mustache, girls get...a guy with mustache(girls used to get boys with pimples). of course we are always changing physically, we're not some freaking sparkling vampire. though some may hear words like "u never change one bit!", but they do. are ways of thinking, our ways of doing, ours ways of making ways. we changed, yes we did. we might not notice it at first, but we will later, perhaps.
so? what if we do change? well, im kinda scared..
what im scared of is if i had changed. had i changed? from better to worse? worse to disaster?
i used like to like different colors. used to like different food. used to like tomyam weeks ago, but not anymore(somtin really bad happened). what we've gone through shape us bit by bit, turning ourselves into somtin new, hopefully somtin good. times usually matures one's mind. somtimes it doesnt.
cut the crap!

im just sad that people changed. some good friends change to strangers. i got a friend who will disapprove any photos that i tag him in. not one photos, we used to do lots of things together, make funny photos together back in college. the girls i used to love..change of heart, that hurts..

God, save me from this danger. dont let me stray away to the wrong path.  


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