Monday, January 17, 2011


pelik tapi benar
heran lagi tertekan
semenjak beberapa menjak nih
the net connection seems to run slow
it takes forever
to comment
to message
to log in
n for blogger
its nearly impossible to log in
n even after i logged in
cant post anything
i was like
its already the third week
as usual
there tonnes of things in my 'to-do-list'
assignments and what not
i need to go for a jog
to burn this killer calories
ate a lot of roti canai lately
and 'mi goreng segera'
i dont eat the soup one
i just dont
i hopped on my friends fixie last weekend
went  cycling for about an hour
here there
looking for breakfast
and fresh air
i havent rode a bicycle since what
i think so
i brought my mountain bike to campus the first year
but not later
since i was staying outside campus
its really convenient to have a non-money-burning transportation
i could cycle back anytime i want
no need to wait the ever so #$%^ bus
agak stress la kan
kita dah board bus kul 10
kul 11.30 baru jln
sampai umah dah midnight
ngantuk(asyik duduk dlm bas jer, 1jam stengah kott!)
lapar(usually curi-curi makan dlm bas)
assigment x siap ag (ni tension, kita dah smangat nk buat, stranded lak dlm bus.dang!)
those times are history
i own a bike now
n frankly i miss the bicycle
thought of buying a simple one
i dunno
need to get new shoes
my last semester's class shoes are totaled
the heels leaked
small pebbles sometimes got in my shoes
im still wearing it
i'll find a new one this weekend
i made a lot of french toast just now
ate three and left the rest for the rest
i told mom that i like to cook and ask her to teach me
to cook 'ayam masak kicap'!
she said "no problem!"
i just love to see people happy faces
ahhhh foooddd..
better get going now
im in a rush
what for?
im a student
students are always in a rush

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the new..

early of the semester is always kinda gay u know
new subjects to learn
new frens
new lecturers(or not)
new cute freshmen..haha
new jokes
new stories
new hairstyles
new shirts
new watches
im the new me!
with a lil bit new of everything!
as expected
my pointers did drop
and thankfully
it didnt dropped like super drop
the cgpa looks like ok since i kinda score! the semester before
but im aiming straight As this sem
i'll do everything i could
anything i can
and as punctual as the most punctual i can be!
total punctual!
dont want to loose any marks for lateness again
less fb
less blogging perhaps..maybe not
less tv
any 'azam' this year?
hmm...there are a few things on the list..
-repair my old phone
-get a pair of inlines(not important..but fun)
-master autocad
-reformat my laptop to window 7
-repair my ill bike
-get straight As(
-a better muslim..
the rest are secret
i guess this is it
till later days..


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