Saturday, March 27, 2010


berbaju biru muda yang ada lubang-lubang kecil
budak-budak sukakannya kan
x panas
berseluar cotton warna hijau
tersenyum riang posing pada kamera
sambil memegang kereta mainan baru
biru warnanya

itu aku duluu..comel x?
( angkat bakul )

Friday, March 26, 2010


i did not went jogging..

caught a flu

and sore throat

heavy eyes..


watching sherlcok holmes..

and weak..


i am sick..


i still remember
one of my earliest post was titled 'jog'..
and that was a year ago i think..

miss jogging alone at the park

since da lama x balik umah..
dah lupa
usually i'll head to the park around 6 and be back at 7
p.m. that is
hardly goes jogging in the morning
like u donno
sleep late
wake up late also

but tomorrow morning must go
i think i gain some weight..hmm
i dont gain weight easily
maybe coz too much sleep
and less exercise..
i've been going to bed early recently..
as early as 10

joging petang-petang lebih seronok

matahari kian jauh
jadi oren

suhu jadi rendah
sejuk ditiup bayu

permandangah jadi indah
hati jadi senang

i dont go to beaches and waterfalls-coz jauh-
to ease my mind
i simply
look at sky
and smile

u might see me walking
not looking front
but up and away
to the clouds that had
turn from white to grey
and soon vanishes
with the night from sight

encik kasut adidas
jumpa esok...


Thursday, March 25, 2010


sign in
and out
and 'backspaced'

cant really write post anything without the 'mood'..
i had a lot of things i wanna blog
but i cant

dah x ada sudah perasaan itu
jadi kaku

when i blog
i must have that 'feeling' all the way from the start
from clicking 'new post'
till 'publish post'
if somtin just spoiled the 'mood'
the post-to-be will end up as
bila mood dah runaway
dah xde ati dah nk post
so banyak draft yg dh terkumpul
and this is cause
xde opportunity nk trus online when the 'scoop' is fresh!
dah weekend baru nk online..
so dh x best dh
x macam pisang goreng panas( pisang goreng or goreng pisang?..pisang goreng kan...)
x macam abc time tgh hari
oh sedap betul cendol..i like cendol..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010


awan kelabu lagi
asal petang aja kelabu
asal petang aja kelabu
asal kelabu aja petang
dan hujan..
oh rahmat..

terkurung di kampus
melawan bosan

fulusnya udah cukup
minat itu ada
encouragement sudah dapat
tunggu mau beli aja

oh skate..tunggu aku..

tunggu kojap yoh..
nanti aku beli ko plak..
tunggu aku kat situ wahai gitar special..
" aku menungguuuu muuuuuuu uuuuu......."

Friday, March 12, 2010


really nice..
sitting at the berandah at this time
after a nice bath
at this time of the year..
-as we all know, its hot right now coz of pollution,bla bla bla and we DID NOTHING ABOUT IT..-

angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa
ice lemon tea

oh dilemma..
i suddenly remember about my hidden treasures all over the 'lost forever jungle', my room..
money keeps popping out here and there..-i used to kept my money in books-
and i have enough money to buy a guitar..or a pair of skates..
ohh dilemma..
whick should pick

cat cilut at at cat cilut kucing lompat
nestum nestum pak aji tukang cat..

Monday, March 8, 2010


and breathe

look up
the sky is blue
look down
there is your shoe

i wish it snow
so that i could skate
no snow i know
i wish fo a roller blade

down i sit
to tie my shoe
down i sit
taking a breathe or two

here i stand
with shaking legs
i throw a glance
wish i dont fall and break

a single push is all it takes
for a pair of new roller blades

to take me fast
away and away
off the cliff
up in the air
the best moment
i swear

-i wish for a pair of roller blades for my birthday-

Thursday, March 4, 2010


"kita tngok sape pandai men dulu.."
eh eh,
dia cabor le pulok..
meh kita tngok..hahaha...

giving up on guitar,
what was i thinking..

i'll get a guitar!
maybe lambat lg kot..

i'll get a pair of roller blades!
as soon as i think soon enough..

i shall continue my study..!!

somtimes your minds play tricks when it is twisted by

think through guys!
get friends for supports and discussions..
hear their opinions..
u might just find the answer

thank uuu
for the blog address notification
kamu laaa...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


i'm giving up on guitar
i think

what about skating?
it doesnt use any hands right?

rasa cam nk quit kos yg aku amik skrg
nk amik photography...

Monday, March 1, 2010


the one thing that i like about my present campus is
at the college
if there's blackout
the students would not be sitting in the dorms anymore
most dah kuar tersadai kat kaki lima
tenung kosong
berseluar pendek
x berbaju
sorang akan keluarkan satu gitar
dendangkan satu lagu
then the chorus would suddenly appear
the lead comes out of the blue
and then
their voices echos the whole college
the seniors would scream
"woi orang nk tido la!"
bebudak sem1 yg menyanyi tadi
akan terkocoh-kocoh lari
menyembunyikan gitar
keadaan akan kembali senyap


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