Friday, April 29, 2011

S, mimpi dan laksa..

the three things 
both starts with 's'..
both came in my dreams..
and both cooks laksa..
i wish i wouldnt fogert the three things
i blogged it here..

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tranformers, THOR, Source Code..

Of course all of u knows what the headlines are
they are movies which is not the in cinemas yet
except for Source Code
lets just get on to the movies im looking forward to


first, we have Jessica Alba in An Invisible Sign
Good actress and the trailer was nice. 

I've always love adaptation from comics. Watching superheroes come to live is like a dream come true. Its in July, so now, we wait..

Though he quited from famous secret agent Bond to a cowboy, he still have cool gadgets.
Another comic adaptation.

 another adaptation from the world famous comic. Brandon Ruth(superman return) is Dylan Dog, aka Detective of the Undead.
ada problem zomba?call dia.
the trailers seems funny and and enjoying.wouldnt miss it.

Looks like a comedy with great messages with a lil romance.good enough for me.

fighting + girls + archery + thrill = cool

The strongest wand is now in the hands of evil lord voldemort. How will Harry stand against the most powerful evil sorcerer of all time! JULY 15!!!!

 About Joody Mody who made a "paperwork" so that she'll have the best summer ever.better than her friends. With the help of her "awesome" Aunt Opal and her lil bro " Stink ", they'll have a whale of a time.

Hillarious! enough said!

the movie went out last year. i'll try to get it later. Not really into this kind of movie, but a lil girl as a vampire. How cruel can she be right?

an old movie by Ghibli Studio i guess. Ghibli's are alway enjoyable to watch.
what more adventures await for the crazy pirate captain, Jack Sparrow in the search of the Fountain of Youth. Encounters with mermaids and Blackbeard! is this hell or heaven?

Puss in Boots! on guard!!!

the Sky Captain

the Beaver

the Lookout


and finally, X-MEN : The First Class
way back in time when Charles(Prof. X) and Erik(Magneto) were still friends..
yup, no logan/wolverine!

thats all for now..later days

Friday, April 1, 2011

cried like never before..

we all waited patiently 
and when the door opened
i raced to her
as i hug her
i could feel her heartbeat 
it was fast
i cried silently on her shoulders
i couldnt helped it but to cry and cry
i cried like never before
dont leave me again mom
dont do it again
i was scared
so scared
the tears keep rolling down my cheeks
my phone vibrated
i reached it 
"message full"
once i deleted the second last message
a message from mom filled in
it was a dua'
she told me to memorize it yesterday
thank you mom..
i checked and she was praying
she was not at the hospital 
never did
it was a sad dream
the saddest i ever had
it bring tear just by remembering 
the dream..


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