Friday, November 28, 2008


....smilin to the lady which i called Tok, n the the younger one who's helping her, i wanted to help but, the old lady said, "trima kasih tp xpalah, bknnye jauh pun, dpan tu ja." n there Tok goes..
i went back to the counter to ask for my bus, n then i tought i heard someone said ...... ......(me hometown), i rushed to her,"kak, kak." i called. she hurried away(catching time or running away?)she seemed a bit afraid, well i dunno."akak nk pegi ... ...?"-tak tak,tmpt len.",so i left her n accidentally saw another counter,i asked n they have the bus n about forty minutes earlier, so i bought the ticket, i'm home early!!!
though i did not reached home as early as i tought...still late,nevertheless,i;m home

Thursday, November 20, 2008

i'm home...

yeah,at last, i'm home...
though,there r cons staying home,but its home,c'mon..
traveled by bus,alone from the station,accompanied by kapiz from campus.nottin happened actually, kinda borin..ahhh,lets go to the first time i got on the bus home,i bought 2 ticket coz the second ticket was earlier n i really wanna go home as fast as i can, with no experience, here i am runnin here n there asking the bus to my missed hometown-"bas ke ....... ....... ada?"asked me to 3 diffrent people n got 3 diffrnt answers-
"x tau"
"x mai lagi"
"xdak"-this person then called his friend n asked me RM60! to go to my hometown that seems further away n away...
n wat?
i said no tq laa..
so i bought the first ticket, i didnt saw that there was another counter that had its bus going to my 'kampung', the bus was at 6.30pm,so i decided to go n pray first since its only 5pm at that moment,so acrros the street n to the 'surau',there was an old woman there, we had a small conversation, when i was about to go in to the male side of the 'surau' a mature female came out nextdoor(which is the female's side) n sat kinda near at the old lady, n so they talked n i'm off to pray..
they were'n't finished when i got out,but the old lady said she wanna go home already so the cute female helped a bit with the old lady's thing.i smiled.she was kinda, good with old people,heplful,n kinda cute..haha
i carried my bag hurrying to the old lady n said "saya pergi dulu ya"smilin..
---to be continued.....

Friday, November 14, 2008


just finished my last paper...
went out with kapiz,yo!,fifi,zaid,nas n apis,g bowling...
mmg bez bila dah xdak pa nk pkiq sem lak..
first time aku mng men bowling ngan 3 kali strike n 3-4 kali spare..
best achievement aku dlm game menjatuhkan pin ni...yeah!aku juara!
g mkn kfc!duit pinjam,hahaha...nnt aku byr la blik...
bila nk smpi umah x tau??hish hish..
td aku tngok hidalgo,patu men game jap,pastu bru bru online..
membe klaz aku g tngok quantum of solace pastu overnite lak kat perda!ceh!
lagu hujan memekakkan tlingaku...
bilik x kmas lg..
uhhh,boringnnya,friendster xleh msuk lak...
apa agaknya kengkawan aku kat all over the world ngah wat??
lapar lak?mn abg yg jual burger tu??kbab dah abis..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

pagi yg mendung..

cubaan untuk online succesfull..
aku dh try online kul 3pg td,slow gila..
skrg dh kul 10am,
bun post blog kat myspace kul 8 td,
ttiba ada laki pki kmeja ngan sorg akak ni msuk blik tv,akak?
watpe lak akak ni kat kolej laki nih,
pastu laki td bg satu kertas kat aku..
ingtkan iklan ke apa ke..
survey rupanya pasal kmudahan wireless fidelity(@ WiFi) kat kampus..
aku ngan pen xdak,muka bru bgun tido,kain plekat lg..\
"xdak pen?"
"a-ah,"aku pun amik pen abg tu..
kak tu pun on laptop qompaq dia,
bbudak dlm blik tv dok glak-glak tngok ape ntah,parlimen kot...
"apa lah depa ni...(org parlimen tu)"-lbih kurg camtu kak tu ckp..
akak tu pun blah,abg tu mai blik cari pen dia,tp aku dah bg kat kak tu td...
amende aku mrepek ni,...aku pun smbug bc blog bun..dia bru post ja td..
antra ayt last dia kata.."g mandi"
so aku g mandi time lak..

Monday, November 3, 2008


its fourth day i went jogin in a row...
more and more studs decided to jog..since there are no more classes..its tripple compare to before...kinda good..and not good..too many sometimes tooo many...kurado(crowded)...even a lecturer went jogin,ustaz??? uhh,cant remember..laugh all the way with kapiz,jedi n jackie..cant really undertsand when jedi talks in his slang...girls were quite a t was wet...more exhaustin when you jog and chat and laugh...its alredy nite..buns online..asip also..n manga..uhh..hungry....yus has just arrived...sat next to me..talking to me without me responding.....
acap x abis-abis the very front:huzail
left a bit far:dunno
left a nearer:a 10A studnt,takin hotcat i think..
behind me:yus,still searchin a comp to use..
back right:kapiz with my headphones..
back left:azim with his ym..
further back left: acap myspacin..
further back left,acap's left:always come to the
i', usin me laptop at comp9..

Sunday, November 2, 2008


right, naim

left, khafiz

front, yus

and here are my fingers dancing, hoping left to right, up and down, ......

just finished my first final exam, still a few more to go...

my pointers arent cheering me...

oh God...


the pain of doing good deeds will fade away but the deeds will stay,

the fun of doing bad things will fade but sins stays..

i heard/read it somewhere..

i cant do something and tend not to try at all if its not enjoyable,

jogged, three days in a row without miss..



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