Saturday, July 25, 2009



subuh baru menjengah

aku masih lg terbaring


berkerut dahi

di situ

yg lain masih lg nyenyak

dbuai mimpi

tp bukan aku

it was silent

but crazy

my breathing went fast

-11:44pm 25july-aku paused writting, diorang ajak men left4dead-


my head went haywire

the pain keeps coming n coming


i couldnt take it anymore..

so i call dad

dad came

n took me to a clinic

and found out i had gastric... my friends laugh when they knew i had gastric,


why not

i'm the one with the monster appetite

n the gastric was not because i didnt ate

but i ate late-i had bihun 4 breakfast,nasi n daging at about 2-3pm n and i got gastric at 10pm..


the dr. gave me two days out..and i found out the campus were off coz of the spread of the virus

influenza A


-to b continued...-

Saturday, July 11, 2009


name 3 things u do when u’re really stressed

3 things you are wearing right now
my large loose grey n black long sleeved shirt
n black cotton pants

The Whos
who’s in the house with u?
n my 2 sis

who (or what) r u thinking about right now?
the reason i came home..
what the h#$&,
no new posts

who did u last talk to on the phone?
dad-he called to pick me up at the bus station

who do u sit next to in your class?
i have not attend any class this semester..

who was the last person u told u loved?

The Wheres

where do u live?
somewhere north...
my second home is at penang..renting..

where is ur phone?
on my jeans..

where do u sleep?
anywhere would be fine..

where is the last place u took a ride to?
the bus station?

where are u now?
home sweet home...

The Whats

what was the last thing u ate?
chicken rice!!!

what colour shirt r u wearing?
grey with black sleeves..

what is the closest item near u that is blue?
the unpowered clock

what do u like best about school?
stuffs to learn
friends to find
except homeworks...

what is ur favourite colour?
black white purple green red

what do u wear more: jeans or shorts?
jeans lor..

The Whens

when did u start school?
darjah satu?

when is ur birthday?
say NO to valentime!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when did u last go to the mall?
this morning..
stuffs for the 'eskep'

when was the last time u bought a pair of pants?
last year i guess

when did u last burn something?
a few days before..didnt mean to burn your scheduled iwang!

Next victim would be:
kpd sume yg dh baca n nk wat mende nih!!!!



u said

ak paham cmne perasaan g rumah kosong :P
ms ak br masuk tu cam kosong je taw
ak tdo pown atas lantai sejuk =(
obaa-chan ak pernah ckap
"nak senang bukannya senang, nak susah bukannya susah"™

July 9, 2009 8:13 AM

then i said,

your oba-chan is right

thats how life works right..
nottin is perfect
it will only be 'just right'
though we did not have any tv
-we might be addict to it or 'leka'
though wen did not have any washing machine
-we bought one and learn the meaning of 'jimat'
though there's only one bathroom
-we learn to share and tolerate
though we didnt bought any 'toto'
-my father brought many and its free
though the cockroaches keep comin back
-we are ready for 'em

its 'just right'...

July 9, 2009 11:42 PM..


Friday, July 10, 2009


when you say somtin
n your mind is thinking somtin else
while your heart is contradictin
its just undecidable
n left undone

in the end
it doesnt even matters....
linkin park-kinda into it...

as long as it doesnt hurt
it doesnt kill
thats fine..

cant wait
transformers..revenge is near..
harry potter..power isnt everything..
ice age..oi squirrel!
sherlock holmes..tomorow is never a promise..

Sunday, July 5, 2009


i'm here
i was dreaming of the luxury life
the black shining stove
the coloured tv
the spinning washing machine
the beautiful kitchen
the broken pipe
the WHAT!!!

it turned out
the house we're going to rent which we had paid the installment
have some major fixing to be done
if not
we'll be dry n die
maybe not die
no water!
that is sewious!
n a little problem with the bathroom just made it betterrrrr! :(

so they-my friends went to find a new house
its like impossible
but we need it
we'll be registering the next day
and thank God
they managed to find one
only hours before i arrived
an apartment
ground floor
very near
to the
bus stop
cyber cafe
and campus
rm400 permonth not including the water and electric bills
three bedrooms
one bathroom!
just one!
and fully not furnished!!!!!!!

it may take from 25minutes n beyond
everyone wanna take a bath
since most of us travel by bus n n first class train
we did not brought any mattress or toto n pillows
so off to jusco
went emptyhanded
came home emptyhanded

gotta go
to be continue...

Friday, July 3, 2009


this pic aku tujukan pd bun!

kita plan
but God decides!

aku dh plan for weeks nk balik second july
but then
aku stayed
n planned again
i'll be off back to campus

the 30 feet long
6 tires and red in color lorry
to be fill
with lots of lots of lots lots lots

dad, tgh cantumkan balik kekotak,

jmur kekotak kasi kring pas dh taruh pva glue

cuaca aritu

ini baru skit

the products on that day
but more and more were made
since we keep
finding stuff
to be sent

and more boxes
and thats not the half of it


dad cleverly uses colored stickers and label them
such as 'kaca', ' dapur' , 'lampu hiasan' 'kot cendol' langsir' n so on
i helped too like 'seghedak2', ' books lelame'

there is dad again folding the boxes..

still, ada banyak lagiii!!!

my cousins came back
note that they're the ones moving
but they moved already
since we're the closest relatives
so we helped them
thank you for coming
u were a great help
miss u guys
thats me n my cousin-but not the moving one
we're like brothers
believe it or not
he's just one day older than

the swing
this one take a lot of space

the living hall

still in da living hall
see the ceiling
it used to be a chandelier there on the right
we took it down
my aunt want it
so does the ceiling fan in the dining room

oh rattan chairs and sliding door..

more n more..

the used-to-be-the-dining hall-with-fan
well who cares
there is still the air conditioner
there more than 110 box there

the dining room's ceiling
no fan

i think there more than 130 boxes here
i lost count at the 129th box

the master bedroom
one king bed

the boys room
to get here u must first pass the kitchen
very strategic eyh!
2 single-can turned to one double decker

the ladies room
i mean the girls bedroom
with attached two-way bathroom
can go to the kitchen through the bathroom
well planned!
2 queen bed
with lots of closets till the ceiling
not joking

at last
it came
it looks like its going to rain

thats me with the straw hat

1/3 of the lorry had already been filled!

there is still sofas
3 space eating swings
see for yourself..

we were confused,..

just a pic of da lorry...

we brought everythng out so they can estimate which go in first
n which goes last

here we are
the middle of the road
bare footed
like the road was our dad's road..

dad had prepaired a little makan2 for the neighbours
n frens that came to help

we managed to get not everything in
we left some swings
and other things
it couldnt fit anymore
i bet if it was ten foot long more
still wont be enough
i was standing on the wall while capturing this pic
note that its only sejengkal lebar-tangan aku la...
scary maa..

pakcik lori baju biru

pakcik lori baju oren

bila suma dh siap
kitorg pun makan la kat buaian
yg dh sedekad lebih umurnya
ni tgh posing
mkcik aku nk 'click'


thats us
mom,me, my two cousins and my aunt

glad its over
it took us weeks to pack evrything
we were still packing when the lorry arrived
if i'm not wrong
boxes made= not less 130 boxes
boxes used = about 200 boxes

aku nk g packing barg
nk balik kampus
pagi nnt
satu mende pun x pack lg
baju x cari lg
its already 3.17am 4 july 2009
later days

Thursday, July 2, 2009


students all over malaysia are posting here n there
sedih itu sedih ini
ada yg x sabar
ada yg pretend cool
or mmg xde feeling apa apa pun
dlm otak
ada yg
-yes! aku dekan lg! boleh john!
-alamak, kena repeat plak!!
-yes yes! ptptn dtg lg! orang kaya baru is coming!
-aduh, kena balaja lg
-alhamdulillah, aku dah bjaya sampai tahap ni tinggal 2-3 sem lg!!!
-sem ni boleh bawak keta! boleh la bawak keta kebal aku nnt
-aiya! kolej x dpt lak, umah sewa where are you??
-rindunya kengkawan , bofren, gefren, pensyarafren...?
-nk cuti lagi!!!!!
-laaa..dh nk masuk dah!
-download torrent x abih lg nih! camna nih?
-nk bawak baju nih, slua nih, jaket nih, kasut tumit nih,boxer baru nih, safety boot lg,,apa lg nih!!
-arghh!! x sempat aku nk tngok yuhee the witch sampai abis siri
-xleh nk online 24 jam dah waaaa!!!!
-yeah! dota tournament lg sem nih!
-dia ni hutang x bayar lg laaa!!
-ko pinjam baju sampai satu sem pehal?
-mandi swimming pool kat kondo lg!!!
-aku nk wakil kampus sem ni!
-pointer x cukup! usaha lagi!!
-intake julai ni mesti ramai!! yes! awek baru!
n so on laaa dalam kapla otak kita suma bila nk masuk untuk sem baru ni..

bg aku,
aku nk usaha lg banyak sem ni inshallah
rindu gak la kengkawan
sem ni masuk umah sewa
housemate sumanya ada 7 org!
x sabar nk practice archery lg..
x sabar nk masuk lab
x sabar nk blaja mende baru yg sofistikated-omg-
x sabar..
mintak-mintak aku leh fokus lebih untuk sem ni

"Ya Allah, bantulah kami hambaMu yg lemah ini dalam mengharungi sgala cabaran dunia ini, janganlah Kau pesongkan hidayah yg tlah Kau brikan ya Allah, kuatkankalh iman kami ya Allah, jauhkanlah kami dr prkara mungkar dan matikanlah kami dalam iman"

aku x bli pencil case lg!


i thought it would be harder
no internet for 2 days passed away just like nottin happened
the only laptop that connects me and the world in my house had a breakdown
but i managed to overcame that
like the television
if there is somtin wrong with the visuals or anytin
slaps it for a couple of time
it actually works for tv
sometimes or most
the tv is not rosak completely
just the wiring or the circuits got loose and this affects the power flow
a few shakes or slaps would do the trick

but for laptop
they're quite sensitive
and mine gave spark when i try to put the charger in its socket
i thought
if the sparks is da prob
why not connect it with no power
only after that i'll turn it on
i've already took out the battery
and it worked miraculously

after some chores
i decided to post anytin bfore i went back to campus
this saturday
actually i planned to go today but
its better on saturday
so i could give a hand tomorrow
my aunts is moving to usj
and we've been packing her house for weeks
not so big
it just a bungalow with 2 small fields
no second floor but kinda loong
my nephews were sad when they knew the house had been sold
they say that they wanna buy it
and if their money arent enough
just sell them the coconut trees
there are two coconut tree near each other
you can make a ..
what u call that???
(alah..buai yg wat ngan jaring tuu..yg kita ikat antara dua pokok tuu)

a 30 foot long lorry will come to carry everything
i took us weeks to pack them all
u know what i found
biskut raya puasa thun lpas dalam tupperware
kat kabinet dapur
sikit pun usik lagi
ni mesti dirog sorok takut abis pastu lupa
termos air yg still ada air tahun bila x tau la
laptop yg dh xde skrin
scanner lama
radio lelama yg besar
lipaslipas ewww..
kad yu gi oh
cd games blambak nk mampus
organ cap KAWAI
n memacam lg
pinggan mangkuk ya Allah
bnyk gilaa
baju lagi
sgala meja marmar
glas glas
gambar gambar
we packed evrytin
from the kole
up to the fan and the chandelier
my sis and dad even caught fever
a little flu n dry throat
but thats all
thank God
at last
the packing is over

though its kinda sad
let it be lah

the house had stood there for more
than a decade
it was build on base of the old 2 story wooden house
i cant remember how was the old one looks like

since someone else going to live there
dad ask to got into the roof to see if there anytin unlikely to be find
all sorts of scary thoughts came rushing in my mind
but it wasnt scary at all
the sun rays came from everywhere so everything was clear as crystal
not very far
a pair of shining eyes are staring directly at me
it was a cat
its fur was orange and white
than somtin else
so moved slowly on the supporting woods
then i saw three little blue eyes kitten with very clean white fur
it looks like they are only a few weeks old
i left them
and started wondering everywhere i can
like in the movie
hoping to find anything
that would change my life forever
but nottin was there
no locked chest
no dusty ancient books
no old congkak
no old pictures
no mystical creatures
no weird mirrors
and no casper
i was disappointed headed to where i came
then i saw something
in the far end of the roof
slowly and carefully i approached it
it was a nest
a birds nest and its kinda huge
with nottin inside i left it and got down


thats all for now
later days..


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